Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Simple Herbal Protection Charm for the Home

Tonight I'll be hanging protective herbs in my house. It's a simple way to keep your house protected and safe from negativity of any sort: irritating and annoying people, bad vibes that occasionally work their energy through any house with more than one person living in it, negative outside influences, evil energy. There are quite a few herbs whose properties are perfect for this use, but it's best to limit the number used. Three is traditional, but I prefer to use four to represent the quarters, the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

BASIL (witches herb): evil cannot manifest where basil rests. It is used in exorcisms and purification rituals, and when placed within windows or over doors brings protection.

DILL (dill weed): when hung above a door, no one with a negative attitude can enter your home.

FENNEL (sweet fennel): fennel brings protection when placed in the home. When hung in windows or over doors, it wards off evil spirits.

ROSEMARY (compass weed): this herb emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations, especially when burned as an incense. Hung in the home it serves to protect those within from thieves, negativity and guards good health.

Gently wash the herbs in cool, clean water and pat them dry. Using your consecrated and purified utility knife, trim the herbs and cut their stalks to a manageable length. I don't use a traditional white-handled knife, but a knife that belonged to my father who was a chef, who passed away when I was 16 years old. Using it in a sacred way, feeling his grip in the old wooden handle, knowing that he used this knife for what was his love and what stirred his soul adds an element to my craft that no knife bought from a shop could ever bring to it. Meditate on your intentions for the herbs while you clean and prepare them. See their protective qualities clearly working for you, your house and family.

Using red string or very thin ribbon, tie a tight knot around the stems and say, "I bind these herbs to protect this house and all within it." Make twelve more tiny tight knots and repeat the mantra with each knot. When you have finished say "May these herbs I have bound this night serve to protect this home and all who dwell within it from evil and negative influences. May they work their magic."

Hang the herbs up over and just inside the front door. I put up two bundles, one over the front door and a second over the back door as I tend to like things symmetrical. It's the anal part of me that can't help it. Don't forget to replace the herbs every three months or so to maintain their powers as with time this will weaken.

I do this on a Saturday night as Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn who rules those issues concerning boundaries, restrictions and even buildings so it's the perfect day to perform protection spell magic for your home. And it should be done during the waxing moon to enhance the protective shield of the herbs and to draw the safe and healthy vibrations to you.

It's a lovely little spell and one that smells nice each time you pass through the doorway to boot.

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