Monday, March 23, 2009

Trees 101: The Oak

The second tree of the nine sacred woods of the sabbat fire is the oak. The sacred oak is the symbol of strength, of the God at his most virile. The ancient Greeks knew the oak as the "Mother Tree" and believed that man was created from the branches of the oak, a creation myth that I find much lovelier than woman being born from Adam's rib. In fact, many ancient cultures around the globe have myths that have their earliest peoples being born from oak trees. Some believe that acorns were the very first food found by man.

Everyone knows that oak is one of the hardest and sturdiest woods available and thus frequently use it for furniture and home building, but medicinally it can be used to treat sore throats, fevers and skin rashes, uses that are not as well known. Carrying an acorn brings luck to the bearer and acorns can be used in divination as well. Burning oak leaves in your home will help to clear away negative energy and the wood can be used in ritual or on an altar to represent the God. Yule is when the Oak King vanquishes the Holly King and so oak is always the traditional wood for the Yule log. Be sure to save a small piece of it to light the Yule log the next year as tradition requires! Many believe this sacred tree of the God is a doorway to other realms and if you have ever really looked in awe at an enormous oak tree, it isn't too difficult to believe. It is also believed that the roots of an oak tree extend into the earth as far as the visible tree is tall above the ground, increasing its strength.

The oak tree is masculine and vibrates to the elements of both air and fire and is ruled by the planet Jupiter as well as the sun. Oaks are one of the nine sacred woods for a sabbat fire in which it represents the God. Traditionally, oak is burned at Litha as this is the time of the year when oak reaches the peak of its power and strength.

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Michael John said...

The significance of the Oak is not missed in 'The Green Wall - Soul Passage'. In this book the Oak is the gateway to the human reality and is the vehicle for new birth.