Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trees 101: The Fir

Fir trees are known as the "birth tree" and are used in protection spells for mothers and children. A few needles may be burned during childbirth to ensure a safe birth for both mother and baby. It is the fourth of the nine sacred woods of the sabbat fire, representing friendship. The fir symbolizes the Great Mother Goddess due to its seeming immortality (as it doesn't "die" in the winter months as do other trees and plants). Native to only the northern hemisphere, the fir is traditionally used as decoration during the winter as it is symbolic of life and thus represents abundance in the coming year. For this reason it has been used since early times at Beltane and Yule. Sensitive to the elements, fir cones respond to the sun and rain by opening and closing with each.

Native Americans used many parts of the fir tree as medicine, and even today the fir can be used to treat cuts, burns, coughs and colds and even constipation due to its laxative effects.

The fir is associated with Mars and Saturn and while its energy is essentially masculine, it is associated with both the God and the Goddess. The fir tree vibrates to the element of air and as well as being used for protection and medicinal purposes, can also be used for attracting prosperity, in divination work and to promote personal change.

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