Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Full Sturgeon Moon

Today is the full moon (again!) and this one, as are all the moons, is known by many names depending on who bestowed its name on it. The fishing tribes named this moon the Full Sturgeon Moon as it's at this time of year that this fish is in great abundance, especially in the Great Lakes region. It is also known as the Full Red Moon because of the reddish hue the moon appears to have as it rises in the evening, due to haze caused by the heat and humidity this time of year. The Green Corn Moon, the Corn Moon, the Thunder Moon, the Black Cherries Moon and the Grain Moon are more names this moon is known by. My absolute favorite name for this month's moon is the Geese Shed Feathers Moon. How cute is that? The neo-pagan name for August's full moon is the Lightning Moon.

Tonight there is a penumbral eclipse of the moon which will be visible in both eastern and central North America. The moon will enter penumbra at 7:01 PM EDT and will leave it at 10:17 PM EDT.

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Draco and his Mom said...

My hubby is a moon baby...we follow her cycles faithfully. I just found your blog in a round about way through one of my chihuahua places...just sayin. Will be adding you to my fav places.