Monday, May 31, 2010

Thread Bottle Spell

This is one of my all-time favorite spells and not because it's an especially potent way to generate protective energy (there are far more potent spells out there for this), but because when completed it looks just lovely. I know this sounds silly, and it really is silly to like a spell for the way it looks, but as an artist I can't help but find the tangle of colors in the finished product to be incredibly aesthetically pleasing. And as an occasional seamstress (honestly, who has time to sew?) the jumbled threads are, to me, also tantalizingly attractive. Put them all into an antique, hand-blown glass jar to boot, and you've got yourself something truly beautiful to look at. Too bad it's one of those things that works best when tucked away into the darkest recesses of a cabinet or attic, left to work its magick in all but forgotten peace.

And be forewarned: this is a very tedious spell to put together. Despite the beauty of the finished product, if mind-numbingly repetitive work is not your thing, you might wish to seek your protection elsewhere.

Take a large glass bottle with a stopper or tight-fitting lid and enough thread to fill it. Choose many colored threads, but do not use black. Each piece of thread should be no shorter than one inch and no longer than three inches and this is where it gets tedious: each thread must be placed within the bottle one at a time, so be prepared for this spell to take up to several weeks to complete. As you add each piece of thread say:

Tangle the bane up
and bring me no harm
with this bottle of threads
that I use as my charm.
Tangle the bane up!
Tangle the bane up!

When the bottle is full of colored threads, place it in a dark spot such as an attic or the back of a cupboard to keep your home safe. You can also place it on a windowsill and use it there for protection but it will fade there and lose its potency rather quickly. To re-energize your bottle, periodically hold it in your power hand and repeat the chant above.

Photo courtesy of chad m n on flickr.


Little Messy Missy said...

Very cool! I am going to do this! xoxoxo

MauriceBaumer志能 said...

easier said than done. 一起努力吧! ....................................................

faerwillow said...

~i always l♥ve what you share here for us...a beautiful spirit lies within you! there is something waiting for you on my may want to sneak over and take a peak...warm wishes and brightest blessings~