Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Simple Litha Spell

Marigold Ritual for Strength

What you'll need:
at least eight small stones, one rather smooth, more for additional talismans
an earthen pot, of a size big enough to grow one or more plants
one or more marigold plants
potting soil
a permanent marker

Write your birth sign on a small, relatively smooth, stone in permanent ink and place it at the bottom of an earthen pot. You can also write words of encouragement on additional stones, such as "strength", "empowerment", "courage" or any other potent words that you draw energy from. Fill the pot with soil and plant one or more marigolds in it. Place seven stones around the plants and as you do all this chant the following:

"I honor this summer season
that bathes me in the light,
I open my heart to your power
And I feel your gentle might."

The marigold is a powerful plant that vibrates to the sun's energy. They are symbolic of summer and the fiery weather that comes with it. String a garland of marigolds over your door to stop evil from entering your home, or plant them in your gardens to protect your property. Place them under your pillow at night while you sleep and your dreams will come true. They are also known to give you prophetic dreams as well. It is said that if a girl touches the petals of a marigold plant with her bare feet, she will understand the language of the birds.*

Marigolds used in any spellwork should always be picked at noon when the sun is at its hottest and strongest. This particular planting spell can be performed anytime during the summer season, but will be most potent when performed during the waxing moon, at noon on a day closest to midsummer.

Marigold is the flower of endurance. It grows in even difficult conditions and always turns its bright face to the sun, following its path through the sky throughout the day. This ritual will give you strength and power while connecting you to the essence of the summer season.

*Legend of the language of the birds courtesy of the late Scott Cunningham.
Photo courtesy of Shertila Tony on flickr.


Robur d'Amour said...

Marigold is a wonderful little plant.

As Mary-Gold, it brings together Catholic ideas about Mary, the Great Mother of God; and Mary Magdalene, the earthy side of the feminine; and also ideas about the Secret of the Golden Flower.

I'm growing a few marigolds, just coming into flower right now. Hope to do a post about it, with particular emphasis on Jungian ideas about the Golden Flower.

Victoria said...

I can't wait to read your post on them. I find you endlessly fascinating and incredibly knowledgable. I really enjoy reading you.

Robur d'Amour said...

Your Midsummer post referred to to Calendulas. I was intending to reply to that, saying what I've just said.

I went on to make my reply, and found that you'd just posted again - on Marigolds! So I was able to add my reply to that.

I have a thing about words and names which resonate with 'marga'. They seem to be magical symbols, which a person finds, or comes across, leading them down a path. Marygold is just such a word.

Anonymous said...