Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rock Bottle Spell

I adore rocks of all shapes and sizes, so when I saw a version of this spell (that I've adapted a bit here) I was thrilled. I'm forever picking up rocks and bringing them home where they sit in dishes, are stored in little boxes, or sometimes even just sit in small piles on tables or the sideboard in the dining room. I don't think I've ever gone for even a short walk without bringing home at least a couple of rocks that have caught my eye. And for those who, like me, can't resist the lure of the rock but then find themselves living with more rocks than they know what to do with, at last we have a use for them. And because this spell is worked in a glass bottle, we can still enjoy looking at our precious finds in all their natural beauty.

What you'll need:
a glass jar of a fairly good size, with a lid
a beeswax candle in a color that symbolizes powerful positive energy and protection for you
a small amount of fresh, clean earth
rocks and stones of any size, color or shape (to be added one at a time as you acquire them)

Clean your jar thoroughly and dry it well. You can leave it out in the sun for a few hours to purify it afterwards if you'd like. Take the candle and light it. Hold it over your jar while clearly visualizing your intentions to have a home safe from negative energy or intruders, or simply to have a boost of positive powerful energy for your home and all who dwell in it. Drip the candle three or nine times (your choice) into the bottom of the jar while feeling this intention. Take the small amount of earth and place it in the bottom of the jar, over the beeswax. You should have about a half inch or so. You don't want to fill the jar with the soil, but you do want ample coverage of the bottom of the jar. This step not only brings the power of Mother Earth's energy into your spell and home, but also serves as protection from the glass breaking when you add the rocks. Place the jar near the front entrance of your home.

And now you add the rocks. You don't have to have a large amount to start this spell. You can begin it with just one rock and add more to fill your jar whenever you find one that speaks to you or that you find appealing to look at. There is no set time frame for this spell, but each time you add a new stone, you increase the strength of this spell and its power will continue to grow. In fact, there are some who believe that you shouldn't add more than one stone per day as a slow build in power is more desirable than rushing it. Whichever you choose, remember to add each stone one at a time and always speak this incantation with each addition:

Snare the evils, bring them woe,
Negative energy, out you go.
From this place you all are banned,
By my wishes, by my command.

Once the bottle has been filled and capped, you should touch the jar with your power hand once a week (or thereabouts) and repeat this incantation to reinforce the power of this spell. You may want to give it a quick touch as you come and go from your home too. This spell will not only keep your home safe, but will energize and revitalize those family members who live within the house (pets too).

Top photo courtesy of amber.hoishik on flickr.
Bottom photo courtesy of bkellya on flickr.


Anonymous said...

你的分享很不錯.. 謝謝 ..................................................

apinkdreamer said...

fantastic spell! i wonder if i could use sea stones and rocks! is it possible?

Sydnii said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna do this... just as soon as I find me a jar (I have oodles of glass bottles, but none that I could fit stones of any size in).

Victoria said...

I think using sea stones would be amazing! Water energy is very powerful. I say, absolutely go for it!

Celia said...

This sounds like a fantastic spell!! I see someone asked about sea stones....what about shells? Would that work with this spell? I do collect rocks too....but I collect shells more than rocks. What do you think?

Little Messy Missy said...

That is an awesome spell...I am so going to do this!!! Thanks for sharing!

apinkdreamer said...

i have already started collecting sea rocks!
do you mind if i translate the spell in greek and post it on my blog?

Victoria said...

Celia, shells are more used for feminine work and spiritual attunement. Rocks are more grounding and are associated with strength and power, thus being used in a protective spell. I would use the shells you collect in rituals/spells to honor your femininity, spirituality and even the power of the moon (as it is linked to the ocean and tides) and stick with rocks for this one (though you can use sea stones found in the surf rather than those found in the woods, etc).

Pink Dreamer, absolutely go ahead and repost this in Greek. Change whatever moves you in the spell to make it more personal for you and feel free to spread the love! After all, I too learned this spell from someone else and altered it to suit me, then passed it on to all of you.

Take care everyone and PEACE!!!

Judith said...

cool! this is one I never heard of!!! and I have tons of stones and rocks that I pick up and bring home every day, so this one spell truly ROCKS!