Sunday, February 20, 2011

Healing Gemstones

A selection of healing gemstones. Clockwise from the top: lapis lazuli, red jasper, blue fluorite, iolite, jet, orange calcite, clear quartz crystal, tiger's eye, aventurine. In the center: apache tear.

I decided that if a chakra meditation is great for opening them within your body and a chanting chakra meditation is good for balancing them, and if certain stones can activate or relax your chakras, then why not do a prone meditation that incorporates all three elements? Why not lay flat on your back with the appropriate stones placed upon your chakras and meditate while the healing stones do their job to balance and activate each chakra? It's taken me some time to decide which of the many stones that are effective for each chakra would be the best choice for my own personal chakra issues, and then it took some more time to find the specific specimens whose energy felt in tune with mine. At long last, I have all seven (with only one being a "second choice" as my first choice couldn't be found) and am now in the process of cleansing and purifying them. Soon, I'll be ready to put them to use for the first time and I really can't wait.

Red jasper for my root chakra, orange calcite for my sacral, tiger's eye for my solar plexus, aventurine for my heart chakra (I was hoping to find some green jasper but alas it was not meant to be), blue fluorite for my throat, iolite for my third eye and quartz crystal for my crown. I also picked up a few extra stones this weekend: jet for my spiritual journey, lapis lazuli not only for my spiritual journey (this is a very powerful ancient stone) but also to help me with the dizziness I've been suffering from courtesy of an on-going inner ear issue that's now months' old, and a tiny apache tear for protection and luck.

God, do I love rocks more than just about anything. And with the exception of malachite, which I hate with a passion and always have (I like to tell people I must have been stoned to death in a previous life with this stone), I adore them all and am on a perpetual, never-ending search for more and more and more.


Kim said...

I loved your post! I just did a post on healing crystals a few days ago too. You've picked out a great selection for yourself. The choice of crystals to use is a very personal thing. I tend to favor moonstone for my brow chakra.

As for meditating, I always do it lying down. I can't get comfortable sitting up. But you're going to feel great meditating with those crytals. Have you ever thought of holding a small Quartz Crystal in each hand for your palm chakras too?

I also have an aversion to Malachite! I have it in my collection, but never go near it. It gives me heart palpitations. Go figure....

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I've done chakra healing meditations with many of the same stones you have pictured. I also light a candle in the corresponding color for each chakra and annoint my chakra with corresponding oil. I blogged about my Ritual if you're curious.

Great post.

Victoria said...

I'll have to check out BOTH your posts about chakra healing. I'll also have to try crystals in each hand as well. Thanks for the additional ideas to enhance my ritual.

I too prefer to lie down when meditating. I've just never found it very comfy to be sitting up straight while trying to relax at the same time.

Tea Witch said...

Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing. I am also a lover of stones. I have been interested in chakras for months and am slowly learning the properties of stones in relation to the chakras. I will soon be working on gathering my own chakra I can do my own healing/balancing/meditation thing. Oh that will be fun :)