Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full Blackberry Moon

Today is the Full Blackberry Moon, the name I personally prefer to some of the other names this moon goes by, as I adore the process of wandering among fruit bushes both in the wild and those cultivated on berry farms. There is nothing quite so musical as the sound of those first few berries hitting the bottom of the empty little metal bucket. In my family, we call it "the sound of berry rain."

Today's moon is also known as the Full Buck Moon, as this is the time of the year when bucks begin to grow antlers, and the neo-pagan name for this moon is the Hay Moon.

Today also brings a penumbral eclipse of the moon, though I doubt that I'll be able to see it as it's dark and cloudy here with thundershowers and it isn't supposed to clear for several days. It will be visible on the west coast and in the central US, as well as Alaska and Hawaii in the early evening and here on the east coast as the moon sets for those lucky enough to have clear weather and good visibility.

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