Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kitchen Witch Prosperity Spell

Fancy ground herbs aren't needed to cast an herbal spell. It's perfectly acceptable (and also equally as powerful) to use the basic cooking herbs you have in your spice rack or items from your kitchen cabinets, just be sure they aren't too old as fresher means more power.

This is a spell for prosperity, for the money needed for something that is important, and/or for a very specific thing that you wish for. This ritual should be tailored to your individual need(s) and mention made of the specific thing you desire within the actual spell, but it's a nice foundation for you to build off of. This is a spell I wrote for a very important desire of my husband's, something he had hoped for for many years. Remember that your energy input and intention is the most important part of a spell and even given my non-pagan husband joining me in the ritual and not generating the proper energy as it should have been raised, this spell was not entirely unsuccessful! It worked well enough.

This spell uses equal amounts of dill, sage, oats, poppy seeds and cinnamon.

When you set up your circle altar with the usual items that are personal to you and your ritual (salt water, incense, Deity candles, athame, etc), be sure to also have on your altar your herbs measured out in little individual jars/bowls, a clean empty dish or shallow bowl for them to be mixed in, and candles in the color(s) of your choice, based on your specific need, as well as a small green candle to sit in the middle of the empty herb dish. And in a few moments when you light this little candle, be careful if you are using any herbs that are large or flammable! I chose orange and green candles, for success/luck and money/luck respectively.

Ground and center.

Power up each herb before it is placed into the empty dish. This is done by waving your power hand (your dominant hand, the hand you write with) over each. Feel the energy of the herb building and say as you hold your hand over it: "I purify and consecrate this herb for use for good." Place them into the empty dish one at a time once you feel they have been empowered sufficiently. Repeat this for each herb. Place the jars outside the circle.

Light your incense and your candles, (not the little one in the empty herb dish however). Again hold your hand over the herbs and say "Dill, I pray that with your magickal properties you bring me the money for ____." "Sage, I ask that with your magickal properties you make my wishes come true." "Oats, I pray that with your magickal properties that you provide me with the money needed for ____." "Poppy Seed, I pray that with your magickal properties you bring me luck and the money I need for ____." And lastly, "Cinnamon, I pray that with your magickal properties you bring this spell to a speedy fruition."

Walk once around to cast your circle deosil (clockwise, in the direction of the sun). Walk the circle a second time with your salt water, sprinkling as you go and say, "I purify and consecrate this circle with the sacred elements of water and earth." Walk the circle a third time with the lit incense and say, "I purify and consecrate this circle with the sacred elements of air and fire. "

Sit and meditate for a moment feeling the elements surrounding you. Call the quarters. Invite the Goddess and the God. (I cast this spell on a Thursday and also invoked Jupiter, the King of the Gods and Diana, Goddess of the Moon, but while this isn't necessary, be aware that carefully choosing your day of the week and phase of the moon only serves to make a spell more powerful). If you can wait until the best time, then it is wise to do so, but in the event of an emergency or immediate need, obviously waiting for the right moon makes no sense at all.

Pull energy again from the earth, grounding once more, and feel it filling you and energizing you. Recite this spell:
"By these herbs of elements four,
Earth, water, air and fire.
I pray that you hear my deepest desire
And make my wishes come true.
Dill, sage, oats and poppy seed,
Work your magickal ways
And bring what I dearly wish
To have for all of my days."

Then say:
"By the power of three times three,
As I will it, so mote it be.
By this witch's words
I work this spell,
May I _____
May I know this well."

Light the green candle in the middle of the herbal/oat mixture. Meditate on your desire, your need. Be very specific what you wish for, you cannot be at all vague. If you can compose a two or three line chant specific to your wish, this is very helpful as chanting helps to raise the energy needed to cast your spell. If you have written a personal chant, now is the time to use it until you feel the energy reach a crescendo, at which point you shout, "Now!" and raise your hands up as you send your desire to the universe. If you feel this is a bit too much for you, quiet but very focused meditation is fine as well. Whatever is most comfortable to you is what will be the most effective. Being uncomfortable, self-conscious or nervous isn't going to help you generate positive energy.

Ground your energy back into the earth. If you have offerings to make, now is the time to share your food/wine offering with the Divine.

Thank the Goddess and God for gracing your circle.

Wish a farewell as you dismiss each of the quarters.

Put out the candles and walk three times around the circle widdershins (counter clockwise) to break the circle while saying, "Fire seal the circle round, let if fade beneath the ground. Let all things be as they were since the beginning of time. My circle is open but never broken. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again."

May all the luck you wish for be with you and may all your desires be fulfilled. Peace.

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