Saturday, October 10, 2009

Days of the Week Correspondences

As someone who is really anal in all things, I like to do my spellwork on the day of the week, and within the phase of the moon, that is most conducive to the spell coming quickly and powerfully to fruition. But there are always those times when a spell or raised energy is needed in a more timely manner and it just won't do to sit around and wait for the proper day or moon phase to come around and at those times I work when I need to, despite what my inner perfectionist is whispering in my ear. Still, when I can, I try to work within the hours, days, months and planets that are most powerful for my needs. And I'm endlessly fascinated by how potent this time sensitive power actually is. Pay attention to what happens to you on any given day of the week, and what wishes you've had that have manifested themselves and generally it's pretty much when the planets say it should. As an added boost to your spellwork, choose your colors and herbs wisely too. For many this is old hat, but for some it's new information, and for me, it's just fun to ponder the power!

Planetary influence: the Sun
Colors: yellow and gold
Herbs and spices: cinnamon and orange peel
Work magick on Sunday for money, prosperity, success, energy, life force, the divine power of the God, blessings, new projects and to heal those issues related to the aforementioned.

Planetary influence: the Moon
Colors: white and silver
Herbs and spices: lemon rind and wintergreen
Work magick on Monday to bring about conception, any issues to do with mothers and motherhood, the divine power of the Goddess, home and family issues, clairvoyance, women's mysteries, medicine, dreams, the sea and any and all emotional work.

Planetary influence: Mars
Colors: red and black
Herbs and spices: allspice and chili pepper
Work magick on Tuesday to enhance your passion for fighting personal causes, courage, politics, competitions, rituals involving men, self assertion, defense, war, problem solving, and any and all protective or aggressive magick.

Planetary influence: Mercury
Colors: orange and purple
Herbs and spices: dill and celery seed
Work magick on Wednesday for good communication, travel, creativity, speed, all things related to studying, learning and teaching, divination and predictions, celibacy, self improvement, and to improve good luck.

Planetary influence: Jupiter
Colors: green and royal blue
Herbs and spices: sage and nutmeg
Work magick on Thursday for prosperity, abundance, leadership, healing, wealth/poverty/monetary and legal issues, luck, expansion, fortune, and material possessions.

Planetary influence: Venus
Colors: pink and aqua green
Herbs and spices: thyme and sugar
Work magick on Friday to draw or send love, heal relationships, romance, beauty, fertility, incense making, the arts, partnerships, pleasure, entertainment and all rituals involving women.

Planetary influence: Saturn
Colors: black or deep purple
Herbs and spices: Most of the spices associated with Saturn are poisonous, but for banishing spells you can use garlic or onion, fresh or dried
Work magick on Saturday to enhance boundaries, protective magick, restrictions, eliminating debt, finding a job, reincarnation and death, purging of pests, funerals and wills, the elderly, and all banishing and binding spells.

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