Sunday, November 15, 2009

Art Book of Shadows

My Book(s) of Shadows are nothing special. Really. I have a growing collection of notebooks and journals that I've filled through the years with notes, information, spells I've copied and altered, spells I've created myself, lists of essential items and other pertinent data. They run the gamut from ones that I've bought on sale at office supply stores to nice leather ones that cost a bit more. I do have a small, very interesting-looking little blank book from Tibet that Griffin found for me that I use to write down my rituals for various sabbats, observance days and those special occasions when a circle is needed for more timely energy work. It's small enough to not be cumbersome in ritual and it is a very sweet little book, but like my myriad notebooks, I've always treated it like something utilitarian and nothing more.

So last week I had another one of my 'Eureka!' moments. These are always especially startling to me as I am always stunned that whatever it is that has suddenly dawned on me never occurred to me previously as it is now so obvious. I am an artist. It's what I do. So why has it never occurred to me until now to create a Book of Shadows that is also a work of art? When I have the time, in and around my serious work, I create art journals and I frequently use old books that I modify for this purpose. I usually have a few waiting patiently for their turn and when the idea to create an Art Book Of Shadows hit me, I knew exactly which book to use: a very large-sized hard cover book about angels full of amazing papers, funky little mylar envelopes and other visually unusual tidbits that I had bought at a used book sale at my local library. It's the perfect blank canvas on which to begin. I'm going to put all my own original spells in it as well as record all the mundane directions for all of my various rituals.

I had just begun to glue up and gesso the pages when I was quite suddenly offered a show from a completely unexpected direction (and when it was suggested that I have my opening on the Solstice next June, I knew it was kismet). Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I'll quite happily put my Book of Shadows on hold while I spend the next seven months working on this upcoming exhibit. As it hadn't occurred to me before now to create this book, then it can certainly wait another few months before I begin it. Besides, sometimes the best ideas are the ones that are brewed slowly over a nice long period of time and not rushed into. And that's okay. Everything in its own time.

Photo courtesy of Rowan Tree Design on flickr.

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Dessa Wolf said...

What a wonderful idea. And you've king of got my creative juices flowing now...