Friday, November 27, 2009

Stone Spirits

I love stones and rocks of all kinds, from the mundane little bits of granite to the fanciest of crystals, but I have to say that I prefer the very humble rocks I step on each time I go for a walk in nature. Native Americans believe that there are stone spirits or rock people, the oldest beings in the world, that live within all rock on earth. The Lakota call them Inyan and they're the children of Mother Earth. They are wise, they heal, and they are the ones who infuse rocks and crystals with power. The spirits' knowledge and wisdom is endless.

When you are next out walking in nature, keep one eye on the rocks and pebbles you step upon. See if you're drawn to one in particular. If a stone is really calling to you, that is your watai, your power stone. Just as we have animals that help us, whose properties and powers we can harness, we also have a stone that when carried with us will also help us when needed. Watai and the ancient spirit within it is our link between the two worlds of the seen and unseen.

Sometimes the stone can be flashy and fancy, but it can also be as common as a chunk of agate. You'll know that it is meant for you when its spirit, the Inyan, calls to you insistently. Carry it with you. Touch it, use it in ritual. And when it no longer feels like it is "yours" bring it back into the wild and leave it there once more. Then spend some time searching for your next watai. Your needs will always be met with the right stone.

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