Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ginger Spell for Travel

It's always nice to know there's someone or something that's got your back while you're out and about in the world. The original version of this spell was intended for a long trip and all the dangers inherent in that: bandits and robbers, disease, wars between lands etc. But given the potential for danger today just walking out of our front doors, why not be able to use a spell such as this to ensure safe passage on our commutes, visits to relatives in another town or state, or even a short hop to the grocery store at rush hour?

This spell should be worked on a Thursday as this day was named for Thor, the god of thunder and protection and is also the day ruled by Jupiter, king of the Roman gods and defender of boundaries. Call upon either of them as you work this spell and ask for their protection as you go about your daily travels.

What you'll need:
A ginger root shaped as close to a human form as possible (this is easier than you'd think!)
Three yellow ribbons
One small wooden box, large enough to hold your ginger root person

What you'll need to do with these things:
If you don't think your ginger root looks enough like a person, you can carve more details into it with your working knife. Do what feels right to you and when you're satisfied with it move on to the next step. Take your little ginger root person and tie the yellow ribbons on it in three separate places, such as the waist, arms or legs and knot them three times. Anywhere you wish is fine, just so long as you don't tie one around the doll's neck. As you tie each ribbon, kiss the knots and call upon the gods to bestow upon you protection and safe passage as you travel in the world. Visualize yourself being safe from danger and arriving at all your destinations safely. As you do this, chant the following incantation three times over each knot in your ribbons:

"In all the journeys of my life
Protect and keep me safe from strife.
As I travel door to door,
I'm free from danger evermore."

As you place your ginger figure into the box and close the lid, end your spell with the words:

"By the power of three times three,
As I will it, so mote it be."

Keep your little ginger person and its box in a safe place and make contact with your figure before each trip. Just a touch and a quick shot of positive energy and you're all set to go. Repeat this rite every six months to be sure your ginger and your spell are fresh and potent.

Photo of ginger root courtesy of Omsc7 on flickr.


MarZel said...

So would it be too much to put one in my purse and one hanging off my rear view mirror...maybe if they are small enough they can be shoe lace decorations!! Great post!

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