Monday, July 19, 2010

Essential Oils

Lately I seem to be on an essential oil bender. I'm adding to my collection of them at an alarming rate and I'm enjoying reading up on the properties of the various oils and what they can do for me magickally. Frankly, I'm having more fun with this than any witch should be allowed to have.

I'm dabbling with recipes for rituals, magickal purposes and even for anointing candles that I plan to make come fall when the weather isn't nearly so scorching. Many years ago I made my own pillars and hand-dipped tapers in hand mixed colors that made my heart skip a little beat to look at them, and now with all these enchanting scents I'm collecting, I'll be able to make them smell equally as beautiful. But I digress...

Here is a very brief list of some of my current favorites, but trust me, at the speed I am going, this personal hit parade of mine is sure to change before you can even bat an eye.

Frankincense. A staple in any essential oil collection. Rich, with incredible depth, it's used for enhancing spirituality and meditative states.

Jasmine. This is the oil of the moon and the dark of the night. A sensual and heady scent used for love, peace and spirituality blends. Very expensive but worth the price when used sparingly.

Lemon. Another moon oil that smells simply delicious. This is a purifying and healing oil. Scott Cunningham suggests wearing diluted lemon oil during the full moon to attune with its energies.

Patchouli. My all-time favorite scent, and if you saw how many boxes of patchouli stick incense I go through annually, you'd probably be shocked. An incredibly earthy scent, this oil is used for physical energy blends. Oddly, I find it very calming. And I like to think that this is what heaven (or summerland, if you prefer) will smell like.

Sandalwood. Ancient and sacred, this oil raises spiritual vibrations, and is very calming and healing. Rich and woody.

Yarrow (see previous post for more on yarrow). Yarrow essential oil is a very pretty shade of blue, smells heavenly and is very expensive. Use it in love and courage spells as well as psychic-enhancing blends.

Photo courtesy of Helena Liu on flickr.


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tWB said...

Hi Victoria!
I'm slowly going through your archives and trying to catch up (so much great information here!). Since you mentioned incense, I have yet another quick question (sorry!) - what kind of storage container do you keep your incense sticks in? Because I have lots of incense myself but I've been keeping them in the plastic baggies that they were sold in and then all of them in a bigger box but I am realizing that this is actually a rather bad idea as the scents tend to mix together/"bleed into one another". I was trying to google incense storage containers online but came up with only the coffin-like boxes that one would use to smoke them - the ones with holes (and not for air-tight storage).

Victoria said...

Actually, I don't use any special containers to store my incense in. I have a drawer in my sideboard dedicated to my incense and some other small ritual items. The drawer is big enough that the smells don't all meld into one giant, odd stink (lol) but small enough to keep everything orderly and easy to access. If you find anything that works really well or that's actually made for storing incense, I'd love to hear about it!