Friday, November 12, 2010

Moons and Totems 3

Everybody knows their western astrological profile and most people also know their eastern, or Chinese, astrological sign as well, but few know their moon profile from the Native American culture and the totems for each moon. As with the two more mainstream belief systems, the moon totem profiles are not only a very accurate read of an individual's personality, but they also add a rich dimension to who we are and where our weaknesses and powers come from.

Popping Trees Moon
November 11-December 10

Those born under this moon tend to prefer to periodically isolate themselves from the larger group, taking time to withdraw from society while they explore their inner selves, emerging with greater self-knowledge and understanding. The people of the Popping Trees Moon are wise, patient folks who know when to act and when to wait. These are mysterious, deep people who prefer to keep their feelings and ideas to themselves; a very spiritual people.

The element for this moon is earth and the animal totem is the owl, a wise creature who appears to hear and see all. The Popping Trees Moon's plant totem is the dandelion, a tenacious plant not easily disposed of, and its mineral totem is aquamarine. Aquamarine is a feminine, ethereal stone which brings to its user the ability to express themselves clearly. A stone that produces inspiration and inspired thoughts, it also confers upon its bearer a sense of peace and calmness, as well as the ability to know how and when to act in any given situation. Aquamarine brings courage without swagger. Lastly, the color of this moon is indigo, a color that can change appearance before your eyes. Is it blue? purple? black? Indigo is the color of one's third eye, that part of our subconscious that gives birth to intuition and our sixth sense. It is the color of spiritual understanding.

Everyone is most compatible with those people born under the moon opposite to their own and the opposite moon of the Popping Trees Moon is the Flowering Moon (May 11-June 10).

Photo courtesy of Foto Martien on flickr.


Tea Witch said...

What would be the Moon Totem for a June 11th birthday?

Victoria said...

That would be the Drying Up Moon. Peace!

Teresa said...

This is so interesting! I was born November 14th so I guess that makes me a 'Popping Tree'. I find it really interesting because I've been drawn to Owls of late . . . I can't seem to get enough of them and I'm noticing them everywhere.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Blessed Be,
Embracing My Goddess-Self