Monday, November 1, 2010

Day of the Dead

Here are a few photos of this year's Samhain/Day of the Dead altar. I believe that this is my favorite sabbat of the year mostly because of the deep connection I feel with my ancestors and with those loved ones who have recently (or not so recently) passed from my life. To sit before this altar, burning sage, lighting black candles, and meditating on those I wish I had known and those I dearly, dearly miss is very moving. I practice divination in front of it during the days around the sabbat and then I take the cornmeal and tobacco I place on it to honor my Native American ancestors and spread them on the earth beneath the birches at the back of my property. A part of me wishes that this time of year lasted longer than it does, but then, if it was of a longer duration it probably wouldn't be nearly as magickal as it is. So until next year...


Vipera Kernewes said...

How beautiful and moving. I love the lighting!

Victoria said...

Last year I had trouble making both the purple and orange lights work together, but this year it all came together, which made me pretty happy!

Teresa said...

What a beautiful post! Your pictures are gorgeous and I love how you've honored your Native American ancestors here. It's all just lovely.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Blessed Be,
Embracing My Goddess-Self