Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moons and Totems 4

Everybody knows their western astrological profile and most people also know their eastern, or Chinese, astrological sign as well, but few know their moon profile from the Native American culture and the totems for each moon. As with the two more mainstream belief systems, the moon totem profiles are not only a very accurate read of an individual's personality, but they also add a rich dimension to who we are and where our weaknesses and powers come from.

Deep Snows Moon
January 11-February 10

This is the moon in the deepest dark of winter and as such, the people of the Deep Snows Moon tend to be introverted and often depressed, as well as very rigid in their thinking. While they like to do everything in a very controlled manner and can at times be difficult to deal with, they are very honest, forthright and reliable folk who can always be counted on when we need them most.

The element for this moon is earth and the animal totem is the blue jay. The blue jay will tell you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. While the jay is a wise and honest bird, it can often be a little too vocal, not always knowing when to stop sermonizing, a behavior that people of the Deep Snows Moon need to guard against despite their only wanting what is best for the rest of us. Curiosity and carelessness in regards to personal safety (a frequently dangerous combination) is another thing that both the jay and the folks of this moon share in common. The Deep Snows Moon's plant totem is the poplar, a tree that is able to withstand a great deal of hardship before it falls under the weight, and its mineral totem is the amethyst. Amethyst is the stone of wisdom, purity of thought and the light before the dawn. Lastly, the color for this moon is violet. Violet is the highest vibration of light on the spectrum, increasing mental activity, intuition and raising one's spirituality. Like the amethyst whose color is the same, violet is the color of the sky just before the dawning of the full light of day (and spring).

Everyone is most compatible with those people born under the moon opposite to their own and the opposite moon of the Deep Snows Moon is the Hot Winds Moon (July 11-August 10).

Photo courtesy of Aegolius on flickr.

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