Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Poppet

Where I live, weather-wise thus far, this winter has been simply brutal. The month of January alone has brought more than four feet of snow. For those who believe that Hecate brings storms and difficult weather, trust me, she's been working overtime in my neck of the woods. And with so much snow in every direction I look, I can't help but think there has to be a use for it in magickal ritual. After all, the power of winter's weather is extraordinary, so why not harness a teeny bit for one's own personal use? And given that I'm also a huge fan of snowmen of all shapes and sizes, it was a quick jump to thinking that a little snowman would be the perfect stand-in for some poppet magick.

To work this spell, go outside into the snow at dusk or early evening, just as the light is fading to dark. For a banishment spell, the waning moon is best; to manifest something, use the waxing moon. Think of something in your life you'd like banished or drawn to you, something you would like the poppet to represent: be it energy, wealth, or even an emotion (good or bad). While meditating on whatever energy you wish to instill in your poppet, build your snowman. While he can be big, keep in mind that you're going to need to fill him with your energy to make this spell work, so smaller may be easier to successfully work with. Personally, I'd keep him no bigger than a foot tall. Decorate him as you would a cloth poppet (or in any way that makes your energy rise and your heart sing) and then circle him with nine snowballs. Be creative! Within your circle, light a small blue candle, place it at your snow poppet's feet and concentrate on sending your spell energy into the ether. When you reach the point of release, say:

With snow and ice, this witch's spell,
I cast you now to speed this well.
I focus my powers outside on this night
Now gather within and give my spell flight.

Throw up your arms to send your energy skyward. Allow your candle to burn down (safely) and your snowman to melt naturally. Give thanks.

Photo courtesy of ClanSoul on flickr.


Robur d'Amour said...

With reference to your remark about Hecate causing bad weather, I was reading some stuff by Jung about 'recognising dark goddesses'. He was suggesting that honouring the dark elements in our minds 'depotentiates' them. It makes bad Acts of Fate less likely in the world.

He was saying that when we repress the acknowledgement of dark forces, then they come up, out of the collective unconscious, and wreak havock.

He even seemed to suggest that, if Germany had made more of 'worshipping' Wotan, the dark god of German mythology, then the Second World War would not have happened.

It's a heavy theory to get one's head around.

Aine O'Brien said...

I like this! Maybe if we get some snow I'll try it. And I live in Canada. Go figure