Wednesday, February 24, 2010


As a general rule, I don't work with nor do I worship any specific gods or goddesses during ritual or while working spells. I tend instead to merely call on a generalized idea of the god and goddess in my invitation to join me in my sacred circle, the male and female embodiment of all that is divine and spiritual. I've given some thought as to why I don't think in more specific terms and I think it's because I just like the simplicity of keeping it generic. There are so many pantheons to choose from and none of them thus far has felt quite right to me. I admire those who adhere to the lineage of the Greeks, or the Egyptians, or the Celts. And while there are some truly interesting gods and goddesses to choose from, I stick with what feels right to me, boring as that may be.

I do on occasion call on one or two goddesses, every now and again. I like to work with Diana at the new moon and have called on her to help me work a spell or two, and Brigid when I am feeling at my most creative. There is, however, one goddess that quite appeals to me and if I were to ever choose a patron goddess to really get to know, to work with, to rely on, I would choose Hestia.

Hestia, in Greek mythology, is the goddess of the hearth, domesticity and family. She was rather unpretentious in her temple, sitting on a plain wooden throne with a rough wool cushion. The fire in a Greek home was never to allowed to go out, save for during ritual when it was intended to be extinguished and then relit, and as the goddess of all the households, the first offering of every sacrifice went to Hestia. Just like the ritual flames lit and extinguished in a sacred circle, as well as the eternal flames lit for various personal spiritual purposes, Hestia embodies all that is sacred in a very feminine and nurturing way.

As the goddess of the hearth, and basically stuck within a dwelling, Hestia figures in no wild tales of adventures as do most other gods and goddesses. She defers to others and lives a quiet existence providing what is essential to daily survival. She's sort of the no frills-no fluff, always dependable girl who tends to the essentials at home while everyone else is out living large, and I rather like that.

Keeping it simple, keeping it gentle and in the process taking care of all those who are deeply loved with just a small 'thanks' given in return each that sounds good to me.


faerwillow said...

"Keeping it simple, keeping it gentle and in the process taking care of all those who are deeply loved with just a small 'thanks' given in return each that sounds good to me."

no complaints here...sweet and simple as it should be...i think by doing what feels right for us and not what others are doing gives us much more gratitude and fulfillment within....wonderful post this morning...brightest blessings~

Grace said...

I found your through Faerwillow. You have a beautiful blog, one that I will come back too.

I find I relate the most to Hestia, she is a favorite. Sometimes when I feel that I too should be "living large," I like to rememeber her and how much I enjoy a quiet life.

Victoria said...

Very beautifully said, Grace!