Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Imbolc Poetry

I pray to the Goddess of the waning night,
I honor your presence as the earth grows light.
Deep in this darkness of winter's last days
I yearn for young buds to begin to show,
I listen for the young who'll begin to grow,
And I wait for the coming of life's warmer ways.

The God, deep in your womb, grows stronger
As days and light grow steadily longer,
And Mother Earth's renewal begins once more.
I feel the green again beneath my feet,
I taste her fruits that will again grow sweet
And feel the warm sunny days and balmy nights I adore.

Rest for now, Goddess, for the God's birth is nigh,
Slumber still longer before the sun sits high.
For soon the God will be grown into man.
In the warm days of his rebirth he'll grow strong,
He'll provide through the days that grow long,
And all life will sing his abundant song.
But for now, Goddess, rest quietly while you still can.

Copyright Victoria Marks. Written for an Imbolc ritual, February 2, 2007.

Photo of Y Lleuad courtesy of Giles C. Watson on flickr.


faerwillow said...

~ah...so beautiful...brightest imbolc blessing to you this day and much love and light along the way~

The Wizardess epi said...

Sweet for Imbolc! I have been lurking on your blog for a little while now...please come check out what I got up to for Imbolc.

Crescent (or the Wizardess, haven't decided yet!)

Victoria said...

Blessed be to you both! And Wizardess- I liked what you did. Your food made me hungry and your lambs are adorable! They were the first thing I noticed!

A joyous Imbolc to you all!

Judith said...

I can smell spring in the air!

The Wizardess epi said...

Hey thanks! I enjoy your Trees 101 postings, too. What sources do you use for your info?