Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day Love Spell

This is a sweet and easy little spell to bring love to you. To work it you will need:

A sheet of white paper
A red ink pen
A small red envelope
Three small pink candles
A small handful of red or pink (or both) rose petals
A dash of cinnamon

Your cauldron or a small, safe heat-proof dish
Incense of your choice that evokes feelings of warmth and love (optional, but nice)
A short, personal spell chant you compose (again, optional)

With your red pen, write your love wishes on the sheet of paper and seal them within the envelope (give it a kiss if you think it will boost your energy). While envisioning with perfect clarity your love wish, place the three candles around the cauldron and light them. Sprinkle the rose petals within the cauldron and add the pinch of cinnamon. Gently mix. While still concentrating on your wish, light a corner of the small red envelope and place it within the cauldron. As it burns to ash, envision your love wish rising up on the curls of smoke and off to be heard and answered by the Universe. Feel the energy of your love wish rising powerfully. You may chant your written spell here if desired. If you wish, you can leave the candles lit until they have fully burned down, in a sink or bathtub (keep an eye on them!), but if you choose to blow them out, once cooled throw them out as it will destroy your love energy to reuse them for another spell.

Discard the cauldron ash into the earth once all has burned.

(As always, use common sense and the utmost care when working with fire. Use caution with your dish or cauldron of choice, your hair or your sleeves. Never leave a burning item unattended and when discarding anything burned back into the earth, be sure it is fully burned out and cool. Never discard a burning or smoldering object where it can cause damage.)

Photo courtesy of ms.lume on flickr.

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