Sunday, October 17, 2010

Broken Pendulum

My first bloodstone pendulum, before I accidentally destroyed it.

I have attachment issues with just about every one and every thing that means something to me in my life, and my divination tools are no different. So when I was holding my bloodstone pendulum earlier this week and let it slip through my fingers onto a tile floor, smashing it into several large pieces and a fair amount of bloodstone-colored dust, I was devastated. I'd only had it just shy of a year, but this was a pendulum that I had an instant connection with. I chose this stone not only because it's a very powerful stone with potent divination properties but also because this is a stone that my grandmother introduced me to when I was very young. As a result of this personal connection, bloodstone packs quite a punch for me. When I selected this particular pendulum, it was chosen from a dozen or so bloodstone ones, and this one felt electric when I first held it. No question, I knew. We were meant for one another from that first moment. I carried it with me everywhere, against my body and in my pocket, forging a deeper energy attachment with it and in that time developed a very close working bond with it. And then this: a brief moment of distraction and it was gone.

I have other pendulums I can use, though I haven't the same relationship with them as I had with my bloodstone one. And a few days ago I bought myself another bloodstone one, but it just doesn't feel "right." I know this is in part because I was so deeply attached to that first one it will be hard to recreate that bond with just any other stone, but also because I'm a fussy little thing and the new one isn't the same as my last one and I don't want anything to have to be different.

I'm trying to see the lesson inherent in this unfortunate situation and I know I have quite a challenge ahead of me: finding another pendulum, be it bloodstone or not, with which I can forge a new deeply-held bond. I just wish I hadn't lost my best pendulum friend in the first place.


Robur d'Amour said...

Events always have a cause and a meaning, and all the more so if something significant is involved.

So the question to ask yourself is: what does it mean.

Suppose you had a dream about a broken bloodstone pendulum; what would that mean. You have to look at all the associations.

I don't know.

faerwillow said...

~i too have attachments both great and small for precious pieces in my life...i have endured theft loss and things broken and after so long of being upset i started looking at maybe there as a reason...maybe the item stolen was no longer doing me justice and or someone else needed it far more than i {though hey could have just asked!}...loss...did it need to be banished from my life as it was no longer doing good and broken...simply time to let go and move forward finding anew...i am so sorry for your pendulum shattering...i know one will come your way...a moment when you least expect and the power you will feel between you and it may be more intense than the other...much l♥ve and light upon you always~

Teresa said...

Oh, how awful! I hold deep connections with the people, animals and those special 'things' in my life too and so I know what you're going through.

I hope you're able to find another pendulum to connect with . . . give it some time.

Blessed Be,
Embracing My Goddess-Self