Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Tarot Blog

I have just started a brand new blog, Moon and Blackbird, where you'll find a daily tarot reading using an eclectic variety of decks, various bits and bobs about the art of reading tarot and eventually the option to contact me for a full-length private and personal reading. While being a uniquely individual blog in its own right, Moon and Blackbird can also be considered something of a companion blog to Dancing Beneath the Moon, as it's a continuation of the divination work that has been discussed and touched on here occasionally.

The new blog is still something of a work in progress as, ever the perfectionist, I continue to endlessly tweak it until I can comfortably live with it. It launched today so the first daily reading is now available and each subsequent one will be done shortly after midnight each night with the cards foretelling what that new day will hold for my readers, and thus making it available for viewing first thing each day, no matter what hour you call morning.

I hope you'll take a peek and if you find it enjoyable, are drawn to return again and again. And as always, Dancing Beneath the Moon will continue on just as it has always been. Peace!

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