Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Plans?

In the Middle Ages it was believed that witches communed with the devil on Halloween night, which was then known as the witches’ Black Sabbath, and that they did all sorts of heinous things on this night. It was believed that witches celebrated this sabbat by sacrificing and eating children, dining on bread made from human feces and urine, kissing the asses of cats, and fornicating with the devil and his consorts. They rode their broomsticks to secret locations where they held Black Masses during which they summoned the devil, entered into blood pacts with him, and ultimately sold their souls to him. They also plotted ways to destroy all the god-fearing Christians in their villages. In other words, this was one busy night for witches. History shows us that these misguided beliefs were drummed up by the early Christian church in an attempt to squelch any pagan rituals still being carried out, though obviously with none of the above activities as any part of them. But by the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, these beliefs were so widespread and ingrained in the people, it was only natural and certainly no surprise that witch hunts were carried out to the degree they were.

Personally, I much prefer eating chocolate to eating children or feces, but I wouldn't mind the occasional, and most likely highly exhilarating, ride on a broomstick.


Diandra said...

Eating children? You must be kidding! Don't you know what kind of crap people put in their kids these days???

Sugar said...

I wish I could really ride a broom lol..
and omg I love Diandra's comment!! pretty funn!

Victoria said...

That's why we have to be selective. To be able to eat a junkfoodless kid we're going to need to have our Black Sabbath's near a commune, a Whole Foods Market or in a pinch if you're out in the wilds of Utah, a polygamist cult's ranch.