Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Power Animal

I periodically do a journeying meditation that I created for myself as I’m not big on doing someone else’s pre-recorded guided ones. Each journey always begins in the same fashion but then branches off as I go deeper into my psyche and then, spiritually speaking, pretty much anything goes. As a result, some meditations are very low-keyed, while others are much more active. Sometimes I’ll be introduced to a new power animal which my life requires at that time, and that’s just what my latest journey did. I was told that my new companion is the rabbit, which is actually rather ironic as in real-life I’m very allergic to the critters. But that said, when I came out of my meditative state I looked up the meaning of the rabbit as power animal and true to form it’s a perfect fit for me right now with my current life issues. The rabbit’s wisdom brings the ability to handle paradox and contradiction, teaches how to live by one’s own wits, enables one to receive hidden teachings and intuitive messages, bestows humility, encourages quick thinking and helps one to move through their fear.

I did this meditation in the morning and late that evening went for a walk as the sun was setting and the summer air was slightly less suffocatingly hot. As I was walking back to the car I saw two small rabbits off in the distance, one further away than the other, and slowly approached them. David said there was no way I was going to get near either one, that they’d both zip off long before I reached them, but that didn’t stop me from trying. Rabbit number one started to run away as I got close, but then stopped about five feet from me and just sat there watching me. When I reached him, rabbit number two ran back and forth before me, around my legs once and then he too started to run off but thought better of it and sat perfectly still, calmly watching me too. I gently thanked them and headed back to David and our car, happy to have my new spiritual companion confirmed. The universe is a truly magical place, is it not?

Photo courtesy of EmileJ.


Shelly said...


Susan said...

The universe if definitely magical.It's amazing how if you really look inside yourself you can feel the connection you have with certain parts of nature.

Love your blog!


kijjet said...

What a beautiful experience! I love when animals let us in to their spiritual selves for just a moment and the walls of fear are broken down. And we can simply enjoy time together, observing, being.

Something similar happened to me in college with a fox. He didn't run around me in circles! But he did appear multiple times and let me watch and observe his spiritual self at a fairly close distance.

Anonymous said...

I love rabbits--what a special day for you. I often go to a nearby nature area in the hopes of seeing one or two. Like Kijjet, one let me follow him for some time, while another, this one quite young, came close to me--wonderful experiences. And what's one of my favorite novels--Watership Down, of course.

Grace said...

I have a feeling that since you are allergic to rabbits that that makes its medicine for you all the more powerful!