Friday, April 2, 2010

Elemental Power

The witch's pyramid (also referred to as the Four Pillars) is represented by a four-sided pyramid that promotes those qualities and abilities a witch must nurture and become proficient with before she can create truly powerful magick.

To Keep Silent. This is represented by the element of earth and is the base of the pyramid. This is the energy that allows one to work with their hands, to feel the tactile sense of magick. It's a feminine energy, methodical and patient. This power comes from plants, flowers and crystals, those objects that are of the earth, quietly beautiful yet potent.

To Will. This is represented by the element of water. This power is associated with the moon, psychic abilities, one's subconscious, visions and clairvoyance. This energy denotes love, sensitive souls, empathy, and compassion for all living things. Artists tap into this energy regularly, as do healers and mystics. This power comes from oceans, lakes, rivers and the rain.

To Dare. This is represented by the element of fire. This is the power that enables one to transform themselves, to change one's life, to illuminate that which is not easily seen. This energy denotes compassion, courage, the divine spark of the God and Goddess that one feels in their soul. To feel this energy at work is to feel one's intelligence, one's power (without abusing it) and to feel the strength to lead when needed. This power comes from the deserts, rocks, candles and fires, the hearth, volcanoes and the sun.

To Know. This is represented by the element of air and is at the top of the witch's pyramid. This power embodies freedom, ideas and inspirations, new life and new beginnings, the divine spirit, and endless space. To feel this energy at work is to feel intelligent, creative and to have a sense of humor. Those who use this power will be great communicators, gentle of spirit and always rational. This power comes from the wind, the vast expanse of the great sky above, clouds, birds and mountaintops.

And like the deepest earth, when one travels towards the sky there is mostly silence. The pyramid begins and ends with silence, with first and foremost looking within and knowing oneself clearly. To fully hear the divine and to truly hear nature, one must first be silent so as to allow spirit and earth to be heard within one's soul.

Photo courtesy of Bart Bonamie on flickr.

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