Monday, April 12, 2010

Wishing Powder

Who doesn't want their wishes to come true? With this simple powder, you can empower your wishes or even your circle (or the altar within it) while working other spells and thus give them a powerful energy boost as well.

What you'll need:
two tablespoons sage (freshly dried is best)
one tablespoon white sandalwood
one or two vanilla beans

Grind each item individually and as finely as possible in a mortar as you concentrate on your wish or desire. Be sure to always grind in a deosil (clockwise) motion when grinding herbs for positive use. Combine all three ingredients while still focusing clearly on your wish. Mix them with your fingers, thus infusing the herbs with your body's own personal energy, and be sure to use your power hand while doing so. If you are working within a circle and wish to use this powder to empower your ritual, this powder can be sprinkled either around the perimeter of the circle while visualizing its power to focus and channel your spellwork, or it can be sprinkled amongst the items you are working with on your altar. If you are using this powder specifically to aid you in sending wish energy powerfully out into the universe, take it outdoors and with your back to the wind, hold the powder before you in your power hand. Visualize the power of your intentions and feel the earth's grounding energy beneath your feet. As you concentrate on your desire, open your palm and blow the wish powder into the wind and watch as the universe carries your wishes away on the particles of dust. Give thanks to the wind for its help in making your wish come true.


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Thanks for the recipe.

Victoria said...

You're welcome... and may all your wishes come true!