Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Full Planter's Moon

Tomorrow's full moon is in Scorpio, bringing with it emotional jolts but also passionate desires. Scorpio is a very powerful and controlling sign, and coupled with Mercury currently in retrograde, be prepared for a pretty wild ride. This is a very high energy moon, so if you're working any spells that will require a serious power boost to launch them, tomorrow is the perfect time to do so. This is the perfect moon for reassessing your goals and ideals and working to overcome any obstacles that have kept you from realizing your dreams.

This moon is known as the Planter's Moon which is pretty self-explanatory, given that it's now the time of year when we plant our crops and flowers for the coming season. In this same vein, it is also called the Flower Moon, the Growing Moon and the Seed Moon. The Choctaw Indians called it the Wildcat Moon and the Dakota Sioux referred to the April moon as the Moon When Geese Return in Scattered Formation. It's neo-pagan name is the Awakening Moon.

Harness the power of tomorrow night's energy and work some amazing magick!

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