Thursday, April 8, 2010

Medicine Bag

I've decided to make myself a medicine bag, not only to honor my Native American ancestors but to aid me in my on-going spiritual quest as well. Last year I wrote about a small glass talisman bottle I had purchased and the uncertain plans I had for carrying some spiritual items within it (see Talisman Bottle, September 25, 2009). What could be carried within it proved difficult given the bottle's very small size, but I have managed to put within it some special (albeit tiny) gemstones and some powerful dried herbs. And while I am extremely happy with my little bottle, I had numerous other items that I had considered wearing within it but couldn't due to its size, or lack thereof.

And that's when I got to thinking about creating a medicine bag. While it is usually a tribe's medicine man or shaman or who carries such a bag and I most certainly am neither, I will be carrying it for the same purpose as they would: to make contact with and feel the power of the natural spiritual forces that will aid me in reaching my own personal spiritual potential. The basic items within my bag are pure loose tobacco, dried corn, found feathers and unusual shells which represent the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. I'll also now be able to carry my watai (see Stone Spirits, November 27, 2009) in something meant for it rather than just in a pocket, and even some other very spiritually powerful items that are personal to me and me alone.

The beauty of having such a bag is that it not only allows me to carry a constant physical reminder of my journey here on Mother Earth as well as that of my forebears, but also provides me with a very tactile spiritual experience. The size of it, while small enough to appear to others as nothing more than a tiny woven shoulder bag, will allow me to add additional spontaneous items that might speak to me while I am out hiking in the woods or walking on an empty beach.


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I made my own medicine bag about two years ago and I keep it either on my little night stand or in my bag with me. I found some arrow heads on the property we own in Idaho and also some sage and spices are in it. I also have some healing stones and some pink sand from the Pink Coral Sand Dunes.Topaz from Topaz Mountain and some Arizona turquoise.
Recently added is a button from my grandmothers favorite dress I have had in storage for many years. It is just as eclectic as me!

Victoria said...

Your bag sounds AMAZING! I can't wait to fill mine with more than the basics.

Foxxfire said...

Merry meet.
I just recently started my own medicine bag. I have rose quartz, black obsidian, and amethyst in my bag. I also have a red tail feather from my congo african grey parrot. I'm very connected with her and she's a very important part of my life. I also wear a snowflake obsidian around my neck at all times. Except, of course, when I need to cleanse it.
It will take some time for me to add more to my bag. But, I want it to be special and enhance positive energies and protection for me.
I wish you much happiness in creating your medicine bag.