Friday, September 4, 2009

Full Corn Moon

Today is the first full moon of just a handful of my favorite moons of the year. While it technically isn't autumn yet, with the cooler night air and the change of season imminent, the moon is taking on that lovely fall look I adore so much. Its size and color are different from any other time of the year and I simply adore the way it looks in the fall.

Tonight's moon is known as the Full Corn Moon or the Barley Moon, the Fruit Moon (courtesy of it being apple picking season), the Nut Moon, and the Mulberry Moon. The Native American name for this moon is the Harvest Moon, although the English gave that name to October's moon as it falls closer to the actual harvest. The Harvest Moon is also the neo-pagan name for tonight's moon. My personal favorite would have to be the Singing Moon, the Celtic name for September's moon.

If you hold a moonstone in your mouth at the full moon it will reveal the future, but keep in mind that it's unlucky to look at any moon over your shoulder.


Judith said...

I always think of it as the "apple moon" cause I know I go pick the best apples at this time!

Victoria said...

I think it should be called the pie moon because I bake a lot of pies this time of year with the new apples and also in trying to use up some summer berries. Any moon called a pie moon is alright with me. lol