Friday, September 25, 2009

Talisman Bottle

For my birthday last month I bought myself this little cobalt glass and sterling silver talisman bottle. Actually, I was more surprised than anyone that I had done this as I don't buy myself birthday gifts and I usually don't go for flash looking things, especially jewelry, but this spoke to me in more ways than one.

I adore cobalt and the fact that this little bottle is of cobalt glass was thrilling to me. My Native American animal totem is the wolf so the little wolf head also made me smile. And in spite of the rather gaudy, chunky sterling cap, the bottle is in fact quite tiny at only 3/4", and the entire piece measures only a little more than an inch or so in height, which makes this somewhat more palatable to me.

I'd prefer the bottle to have been much simpler with just a plain wolf head cap rather than all the doo-dads and curly-cues surrounding it. My maiden name might happen to be Irish, but the celtic knots all over this jewelry did absolutely nothing for me, nor did the horrible bit of string it came on. I have some wonderful leather that I plan to re-string it on for as you can see in the photos by its non-existence, the very first thing I did when this little guy arrived in my mailbox was to cut off that offending piece of yarn and toss it in the trash.

My only real trouble is, I don't know what to put in it. I'll know when the object is right by the visceral reaction I'll have to it, but in the meantime, I keep giving it some thought every now and again but to no avail. Funerary ashes? Small charged stones? A special talisman? A powerful charm or a potent brew? I won't wear it empty, so you won't find my little cobalt wolf bottle around my neck until I figure this out but when it does come to me, I'll be ready! And in the meantime, I can get myself used to the idea of wearing this overly ornate little bottle.

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